What formats does bundle support?

There are no limitations on file formats for a bundle. A bundle may contain image files, audio tracks, video files, text-based formats, and executables. There is no limitation on size of the files or bundle, and as long as the publisher has the rights to the material and the files are free of any malicious software.

While bundles can include files of ANY type, your fans may not have the right software/codecs/system to consume them, so here's a short list of some loose guidelines on what to provide. Feel free to respond below if you have any media that's not addressed here, or if you have any other suggestions.



Include MP3s at least 128 kbps. It's okay to include WAVs, but including MP3 versions will allow your fans to easily move the files to their favorite audio player or phone. If you're really firm about wanting to deliver top-quality or lossless files, still consider putting in MP3 versions, and then ZIP up the high-quality tracks as a single file for your fans to unzip after they download.



The most widely consumable format for devices AND computers is MP4 with the H.264 codec. If "you're a Mac", and all you have are the production MOV files, pass them through a transcoder like Handbrake. Same goes for AVIs or MKVs. You're welcome to include them, but this creates one more step for your fans, and wouldn't you rather they just download-and-play?



If you're including an album booklet, consider either a zipped folder of JPGs or a multi-page PDF. If you're publishing an eBook, consider a PDF in addition to ePub format, especially if you're including a preview of your book. Word docs, TXT and RTF are supported, too, but the page may not look like you want it to depending on what software your fans have installed.


File names:

Have you noticed when you download a bundle, the files end up in a folder in a totally different order? Consider numbering your files, so they show up on your fans' computers in the order you wanted. Here's an example: http://now.bt.co...ung-roddy-bales

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2016 10:26AM PDT