I bought a bundle and can't download it, what are my options?

From time to time there are technical limitations that prevent BitTorrent users from getting the bundle via the Client.  If you have purchased a bundle and are encountering a technical issue, please contact BitTorrent Technical Support. We will troubleshoot the issue to the best of our abilities and strive to reach quick resolution.

Prior to contacting BitTorrent Technical Support, please verify that you have a working internet connection, and that you are attempting to download the bundle from the same computer and network.

If the torrent progress seems to be stuck at 0.0%, you may not be authorized to download the protected torrent. Please make sure you are using the same computer and internet connection you originally used to purchase and/or download the bundle. If you are still encountering issues BitTorrent Technical Support.  Please have your confirmation email handy to verify your purchase.
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2016 11:13AM PDT